Dear Friends,

After five and a half amazing years the WiLDWiCH food truck is no more. Late one night in March of 2020 a car ran into our parked truck, forcing it up onto the city sidewalk & knocking over a streetlight. Unfortunately, the damage was too much to repair.

RIP Wildwich Food Truck

After much thought & careful consideration, we have decided not to build a new truck right away, but to concentrate our efforts on both the current café on Delaware Ave, as well as another concept in planning stages. Although we owe the start of the business to the truck and the people who made it so special, the café has become the main reason we’ve succeeded in business the last few years. We have every hope to bring another truck to life in the future, but the timing of this accident has forced our hand to make this difficult decision.

Keep your eyes out for some news coming from us later this year. Until then, you can always grab a Jolly Mon or T. Rex with extra Awesome Sauce at our Café downtown. We hope to see you there!

Mike & The WiLDWiCH Staff