Business Catering

Catering in Wilmington Delaware
Our Business Lunch Menu features many highlights from our Café menu, as well as a few additions designed specially for shareable trays. Most of the menu can be yours at a moment’s notice, but ordering a day or two before will ensure you get exactly what you want; after all scratch made food takes time.


We ask for a 15 minute delivery window to ensure your satisfaction.
Downtown Wilmington, Delaware Delivery Handled by Parcels
Contact WiLDWiCH for information on Delivery for your Business Catering Order

View the WiLDWiCH Business Catering Menu Below and call 302-654-0500 to find out our availability and to place your order today!


Visit Our Sandwich Menu

Chef’s Choice of Cold Sandwiches with Chips
6 Person Minimum

Your Choice of Cold Sandwiches with Chips
6 Person Minimum

Hot Sandwich Station: Chef’s Choice
Serves 12

Combination Hot & Cold Sandwich Tray
Serves 20


Caesar Salad or Garden Salad
Serves 20 Side Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad
Serves 20 Side Salads

Half Caesar or Garden Salad
Serves 10 Side Salads

Bruschetta with Crostini

Hummus with Fresh Veggies & Crostini

Crudités Platter with Ranch Dip

Fresh Cut Bowl of Fruit

Fresh Baked Cookies
3 Dozen Assorted


Coca-Cola 12oz Cane Sugar Bottles

Diet Coke
8 oz Glass Bottle

La Colombe Pure Black & Draft Latte Cans

Minute Maid Apple or Orange Juice

Perrier Sparkling Water

Deer Park Spring Water